Our Story

Hi, I'm Katie. I created Farm Cart Local Food Subscription because I value the work of local food producers and small business owners, and I believe that we all benefit from supporting them. Farm Cart aims to make local food simple and easy to get in the Gallatin Valley and beyond. 


There are so many great reasons to eat locally! Some of the positive impacts that I value are:

  • the economic impact of supporting local businesses; 

  • the environmental impacts of more responsible farming, ranching, and processing practices, and a shorter supply chain; 

  • the personal impact of fresher, less-processed ingredients and more home-cooked meals;

  • and the community impact of doing business with friends and neighbors. 


Buying locally is one of many ways to do good in the world. It allows us to lift one another up, relying on each other for both commerce and community. My goal is to create something that makes it a little bit easier to do just that. As the business evolves, I'm committed to finding ways to make local food accessible across all social and economic boundaries. 

Who am I, anyway?

I grew up between Bozeman and Four Corners, in an area surrounded by farmland that is rapidly becoming subdivisions. After graduating from Bozeman High, I left Montana for college and eventually grad school. It was in my studies and travels away from home that I had my "ah-ha" moment of recognizing how a robust local food system touches so many aspects of life in communities like Bozeman (see list above). Everything I did and learned in my time away seemed to connect me to home in ways I couldn't ignore, and when my partner Jeff and I had the opportunity to return in 2014, we took it and haven't looked back.


Since then, I've been tacking towards the idea of running my own local-food-centric business. The journey has had many highlights and some random detours, including a state-wide brewery tour, a 2-year stint at Country Bookshelf, and managing production at the local food processing company, Root Cellar Foods. I'm excited to now be bringing local food to your door with Farm Cart, and to see where this journey leads. Hope to meet you along the way!

Happy eating,

Katie Plumb