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About Farm Cart

Local Food Should Be Simple

I believe finding local foods and supporting the folks who make it possible shouldn't be a chore. I work to make it simple by curating weekly deliveries of fresh ingredients and bringing them to your door. Did I mention there are recipes? LOTS of recipes! 

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What I'm all about:

You know what gets my goat?

The amount of decisions I have to make at the grocery store, scouring labels and packaging to find foods that are *actually* quality products, not just the same old mass-produced stuff in fancy packaging. 


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could find high-quality AND local foods and bring them to you? I certainly thought it would be, so I made it my business to be that person. If you're like me, you:

  • Want to eat fresh, healthy foods (most of the time) that were grown, raised, and crafted by people who care about quality AND the welfare of their land and animals.

  • Like the idea of going to the farmers market every week (or every other week? when is it again?) but actually only make it a few times.  

  • Think about signing up for a CSA program from a local farm, but don't because it feels like a big commitment.

  • Are busy with your family/work/hobbies/life and wish that someone else would step in now and then, decide what to make for dinner, and do the shopping. 

  • Want to cook more, but don't always know where to start.

Get to know me:

I was born and raised in Bozeman (Yes, we exist!) and moved back home in 2014. I love stories, and I want to be writer when I grow up. I fell in love with food - and the stories behind the food - through writing. I started Farm Cart in an effort to make a difference for both the community and the landscape that nurtured me. I'd like to see as much farmland as possible remain in the hands of people who know how to be good stewards.

My Story

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